University of Washington Game Development Club


Welcome! We're a club composed of students interested in game development. Programming or artistic skills aren't required at all to join. Though they might be helpful, they certainly aren't necessary for getting a general idea of how things work. Anyone is welcome to come!

This winter quarter, we'll be making mobile games. They're the same as making regular games, but smaller.

Meetings will be every Wednesday at 4:30 PM in Sieg 322 starting March 30.


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Window Cleaner: A Tale of Two Gangs

By Shiny, Donovan, Ciera, Yasu, Joshua

Ghost Girl + Kitten

By Benjamin

Maniac Pengmaku!!

By Shiny

Unnamed Cyberpunk Entry

By Connor, Riley, and Kexiang


By Connor

Your Game!

Feel free to submit your own games!


What do you generally do in club meetings?

Club meetings are generally centered around a game development topic where everyone can learn skills about that topic. Sometimes we also have speakers, both indie and industry, come in and do Q&As.
Can I join midway through the quarter?

Of course! We're doing a continuous activity though so there might be some trivial catch-up.
What's the development enviroment?

We will mainly be doing development in the Unity game engine. It uses C# as one of its programming languages. It's very similar to Java so you should feel right at home if you've taken CSE 142. Of course, feel free to use an engine you'd like, such as GameMaker or Unreal.
What should I bring to the club meetings?

Bring a laptop and probably a mouse (cause trackpads aren't fun). If you have time, install the Unity game engine and do a beginner tutorial to familiarize yourself.


Got questions, an idea for a club meeting, or want to be a speaker? Shoot an email over to Nick.